Sunday, September 24, 2006

Liverpool 3 - 0 Spurs

Riise's Thunderbolt makes it 3 - 0

Liverpool had a good game, we worked well in defence; midfield and attack.
We could have had more goals, if not for the gallant efforts of Spurs' defence.

Kuyt & Bellamy were lively upfront, chances were aplenty. Benitez started with Sami & Agger, I was a little surprised not to see Carra, he's been a rock all of last season, seldom misses a match, unless he's injured or suspended. Agger has certainly given Benitez more options at the back & more competition for Sami & Carra.

Bellamy was seen moaning his miss in front of goal, lucky for us that Mark Gonzalez blasted the rebound in. Garcia was sensational after he came on, he immediatly made his impact by making the 2nd goal of the night for Kuyt. A clever pass escaped the Spurs' offside trap & Kuyt made no mistake. Riise's thunderbolt made it 3-0, what a comeback Riise has been. Having sustained 2 injuries to his ankles within short periods of time, he certainly recovered very well & announced his comeback in style.

In all, Liverpool seems to be playing better. I hope that continues.
Liverpool 2 - 0 Newcastle

Kuyt scores his first, Alonso's wonder goal again

Staying up in the morning to watch this game has its merits afterall. It helped that I was off from work on Thursday, :-)