Wednesday, January 14, 2004

School of Rock

I watched this movie last week. I wasn't harbouring high hopes when i decided to watch the movie, it was a treat from a friend, so i went with it; just hoping to get a good laugh out of it.

Indeed, laughing was all i did throughout the whole movie. It was so funny seeing Jack Black so obsessed with rock music & his electric guitar. The kids made the show even better. However, i'm not sure if it's just me or someone else might be thinking about the same thing; some feelings i had after watching the show.

Isn't Dewy (Jack Black) very much like what we are in our teens? The aspirations to be like our idols, whether rock or pop. We all wanted to be able to break free from the conventional way of studying & desired more freedom to do the things we LOVE. We listened to our kinda music where our parents want us to be the best in school, if possible, the best in the neighbourhood; so they could show us off like a commodity.

We were forced to learn the things we HATE, ballet/piano/computer; almost everything that ain't enjoyable. Being interested in the alternative were always deemed undesirable and 'good-for-nothing'. You name it, there's always the proper way of doing things; in the eyes of parents. (1) Classical music vs Rock (2) Mini skirts vs Knee-length skirts (3) Academic study vs Art/Design; the list goes on.

Our childhood is dictated by our parents, how can we enjoy it at all? I wish i had the chance to live in a kampung where
all you do after school is playing five stones, catching or catching tadpoles in the river, compared to homework, tuition &

So much of being a child....we thought they were carefree....