Saturday, August 28, 2004

Singapore Idol

Finally...Idol Fever Hits Singapore Posted by Hello

I watched Singapore Idol with skepticism on Thursday, not really expecting high standards from the first group of 10 contestants.

True enough, the majority of them were just merely ordinary; the likes of those you hear at karaoke lounges on weekends. None of them really strike me as extremely talented or extraordinary.

Jeassea is a part-time singer, she has a big voice; diva-style. It's natural that she has an edge over the other contestants. David really surprised me, the emotions he put into his performance. Olinda is just another spunky gal with an attitude, i'm liking her already.

Hopefully, the 2nd group next week would surpassed the quality of performances this week. If so, Singapore's ready for the Idol Fever,

Friday, August 27, 2004

Non-Elimination Saves the Twins

Almooost Eliminated.... Posted by Hello

Twins Kami & Karli were almost eliminated this week on The Amazing Race, thanks to a non-elimination leg that saved their skins from the dreaded fate that all teams feared on the race.

Like the Bowling Mums, they had to handover their accumulated cash from the previous legs & have to start the next leg in Dubai, penniless. It seems like a daunting task. However, if the Bowling Mums managed to pull it off in Egypt; why not the beautiful & witty twins? Hah, I didn't say that, they did.

Incidently, last week's episode of TAR has got to go down in history; thanks to Colin. He simply refused to pay the cab driver in full & the cab driver had to bring him to the police station for a mere US50. Colin was so insistent on his point of view that I laughed so hard that i almost fell off the sofa; when the police officer told him to go sit in jail. Hah!

Obviously, the strongest team seems to be Colin & Christie now. They are just so so competitive. If Colin doesn't land himself in jail in some foreign country, they have a good chance of finishing first.

However, I still adore Brandon & Nicky. Brandon looks a little like Zac & Nicky looks a little like Flo sometimes. You see the connection, they could win; you know?

Thursday, August 26, 2004


I woke up at 5 a.m this morning, I wonder why.

These days, everything seems topsy-turvy. The normal routine seems to be messed up & I'm seeing myself doing things the "adnormal" way. Is this a sign of something bad that's going to happen to me or what?

Nothing seems to go right, frequent quarrels with boyfriend; lousy work & colleagues. Hopefully it's just a phase that will pass soon.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

We Should be Proud

Pride for Singapore Posted by Hello

All Singaporeans should be proud of the 23-year old performance at the Athens Olympics. Though she lost the semi-final, she didn't go out without a fight.

Jiawei made it difficult for her opponent, Kim Hyang Mi. Kim had wanted to distract her with her animated shouts & shrieks during the match & constantly stared Jiawei down. But Jiawei kept her composure & steadily built a 3-1 lead over Kim.

Be it nerves or distraction, Jiawei went down to Kim in the last game & lost the semi-final 3-4. It was certainly a heartbreaking moment for Jiawei, as well as the many Singaporeans whom were cheering her on last evening.

Jaiwei may have lost the semi-final, but she still has the bronze-medal match to contend with later this evening. Hopefully, Singaporeans will continue to stand behind her & give her the mental strength & determination to win the bronze medal & bring a Olympic medal for Singapore. That would be the first in the long wait for a medal for the past 44 years.

Go, Jiawei, Go !

Saturday, August 21, 2004

TAR - Another Team Eliminated

Competitive Cousins Eliminated Posted by Hello

It was another week of roller-coaster on The Amazing Race. The lead changed hands a couple of times & we did see the claws coming out from certain teams.

Indeed, the series had gotten more competitive & teams are getting more unscrupulous & what not. Unfortunately, the cousins were eliminated. They have really surprised a lot of people on the show; given the "never'say-die" attitude and confidence.

Another week of agony, Saturday...Sunday...Monday...Tuesday...WEDNESDAY....YEAH!!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Pity Pity - Injury Spoils the Quest

Knee Injury Forces Brothers to Quit Posted by Hello

If you watched this week's episode of TAR, you would know what i meant.

It was painful, literally to see the brothers getting eliminated. They held their heads up high, even when Marshall had to endure the agony of his knee injury. They never once thought about giving up. They are the real troopers!

Bowling mums, Linda & Karen surprised me this week. With no cash, they managed to sell apples for $$ for their cab fare, simply amazing. Maybe I should consider a career in Cairo, selling apples. Hah!

The Race will only get more intense & teams will get more selfish from now on. May the best team wins!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sights of Singapore

National Day - 09th August 04 Posted by Hello

It's the nation's birthday in another 9 hours. What amazing progress we have made as a nation for the past year. We got through the frightening SARS & fought it; standing unified as a nation.

There are definitely images that belonged exclusively to Singapore. I was at Bedok interchange's food centre this morning. An elderly & feeble man came up to my table and shoved me 4 packets of tissue, 4 for a dollar. I gave him $1 and took the tissue packs. Also, I saw another elderly man going around the tables to pick up the aluminium drink cans that the diners had finished. I reckon he's collcting them for the meagre cash he's able to get by selling them to recycling companies.

I'm sure these aren't unfamiliar scenes to most Singaporeans; cos i'm sure all of us had the chance to dine at a food centre at one time or another.

Sometimes, i wonder if these elderly folk have a place to stay or the food centres are their place of rest every night. Don't they have children whom can feed & clothe them sufficiently, so that they wouldn't have to peddle tissue packs at food centres at the risk of falling & shoving around by inconsiderate crowd.

Have we done enough for these old folks? Have we imparted the correct morals to our future generations on how to treat the old folks? We are fast becoming a nation with ageing population, are we ready for the challenges; as we celebrate the nation's 39th birthday?


Saturday, August 07, 2004

TAR - First Non-Elimination Leg

No Elimination this week Posted by Hello

This week's race was nail-biting. so many events making it one of the most exciting, among the others.

Bowling moms, Linda & Karen survived a scare & avoided elimination; with a bad twist though. Other than the ankle twist they suffered, they had to surrender all their accumulated cash throughout the past weeks & wouldn't be given any for the start of next week's race. How frightening is that!

This week, we also saw a very very different side of Chip. He became "Mr Nice Guy" instantly by helping Brandon pull his stone boulders & even helped his "arch rival", Kami & Karli when they couldn't find the Roadblock. How amazing!

Nonetheless, i was truly impressed with Colin & Christie this week. Not only did they managed to get an earlier flight, they got a flight that reached Cairo easily 12 hours before the others could have arrived in Cairo. IMPRESSIVE !

Can't wait for next week's race, to see how Linda & Karen survive the race without cash; and how Colin & Christie manage their massive lead over the others.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

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