Friday, May 27, 2005

Sergio Mora is The Contender

Sergio Mora - The Contender

The Latin Snake, Sergio Mora was crowned The Contender after a hard-fought 7 rounds of middle-weight boxing. He defeated Peter Manfredo Jr to win the title by an unanimous decision from the judges.

Carrie Underwood wins AI

Carrie Underwood is your American Idol

Carrie Underwood is voted the American Idol, but Bo is still my choice. There's no way Carrie is going to sell more records than Bo. She'll be like another Kelly Clarkson, humming to bubblegum pop & would probably be forgotten among the many up & coming female vocalists.

Bo Bice should have won

It's gonna be different for Bo, he already has his personality & style cemented throughout the season. He's a real rocker, a vocalist whom can make any song sound good & is incredibly humble.

I'm gonna buy Bo's album when it comes out, can't say the same for Carrie.

Liverpool's Victory Parade

Liverpool Celebrate Champions League Win With Victory Parade
The Victory Parade with "Big Ears"

I'm still immensed with joy of Pool's win at Istanbul against AC Milan. I have seen numerous media reports, whether on print/radio or internet. They are all saying the same thing,


It was simply amazing with the way the lads won the match against the almighty AC Milan, man for man, we were never considered their equal. They had all the big names, we do have Gerrard, Carra, Garcia & Ciise; but definitely not in the same league as theirs.

The victory parade was magnificent, if only I was there as well. I must go Anfield next season to soak in the atmosphere in the stadium with fellow Kopites.

Liverpool's captain Stephen Gerrard (L)
The pair that made dreams come true - Gerrard & Benitez

Liverpool Celebrate Champions League Victory With Parade Liverpool Celebrate Champions League Victory With Parade
Reception by the fans was Incredible

Liverpool Celebrate Champions League Win With Victory Parade Liverpool Celebrate Champions League Win With Victory Parade
Fans go crazy with the celebrations

Incredible, simply amazing. I hope this win in the Champions League is the first of many more to come. Rafael Benitez had to contend with a lot of injuries & speculation about Gerrard's future this season. Hopefully, we can perform better in the League next season & make a realistic stake on the Premiership title.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Simply Incredible !! We are the KINGS of EUROPE

Incredible Comeback by Liverpool

I'm at a loss of words, nothing can describe what i witnessed this morning. What a incredible comback by Liverpool, anyone would have written them off after they go in at half-time trailing by 3 goals against AC Milan.

Rafael Benitez was simply the man for this job, he's so so so tatically fantastic. He must have worked the comeback during the interval. Not only did snatch a goal early in the 2nd half, but we were level with Milan 15 mins into the 2nd half. It's simply crazy to see 3 magnificent goals within 6 mins. Unbelievable !!

Kings of Europe

Rafael Benitez should have been "The Special One"

The penalty that made the 3rd goal, which Alonso scored on the rebound

It was game on after we got level at 3 - 3. Both teams wanted to win this in normal time, instead of going into ET, or worse penalty shootout.

However, Milan was the side looking more likely to end our dreams of being Kings of Europe & were looking really threatening in the Liverpool's half.

Dudek's save of the season

Andriy Shevchenko gave us the scare of our lives by coming so damn close to scoring with 3 mins remaining in the 2nd half of ET. Dudek had to make a almost impossible double save to deny Milan the win. Kudos to Dudek.

Shevchenko misses the all-important penalty

Milan, having missed the first 2 spot-kicks by & with Liverpool leading by 3 -2 needs to score to keep their championship dreams alive. Shevchenko steps up to take the all-important spot-kick. Amazingly, Dudek pulls off another save & Ataturk Stadium roared with cheers from the travelling Kopites.



Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Liverpool vs AC Milan

25th May 2005 - Champions League Final

There cannot be a more important match than this, not even the American Idol finale or The Contender final match-up between Peter Manfredo & Sergio Mora. Nothing get bigger than the Champions League Final 0230 hrs on 26th May 2005 (Singapore time).

Above it all, Liverpool is in the final; in case you didn't know (where have you been??). I have all the confidence in Pool that we can win this at Istanbul, we can relive the memories of being European champions & could most certainly make the bookies flip (if they are accepting huge bets that Liverpool would lose).

Nonetheless, nothing is more vital than this now. I'm trying to "smoke" my way through work today & quickly go back home to get some rest, before waking up in the wee hours to watch the match.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday, DAN !

Happy 23rd Birthday, Dan !!

This blog entry is for Dirty Dan. He was late in giving me my bday wishes, mine was last Saturday. I was even LATER, but i didn't know of his birthday in the first place; so you can't blame me.

Nonethless, I'm sure you had a smashing one!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I'm Officially 26 yrs Old

It's my birthday today, I turned 26 years old; 45 mins ago.
Damn, i'm old.

But I'm a lucky woman, I have received some wonderful gifts & my friends celebrated my bday early last week with a cake. Too bad i don't have the pics we took that day with me.

I got a new Creative MP3 player, it was a gift from my colleague. I'm just done with loading it with songs, has a memory of 1GB; so damn good!

I got a new mobile phone, the one that J wanted. It was a gift from my dear.
It's in black though, i would have prefer it in crimson red.

Product Image

Nonethless, I'm one lucky woman. I'm so happy now that i think i can die from smiling. Amazing gifts I have gotten for my 26th bday.


Baby V Didn't Make It

Vonzell was Amazing

Pity pity, I thought Vonz did second best on Wed night. She's definitely second to Bo (he was absolutely awesome!!!).

In the end, Carrie was way more superior than Baby V in terms of fan base. But that doesn't mean that Vonz was worse off than Carrie. The latter was definitely the weakest link on Wed night. She was obviously uncomfortable with the first song & sounded much worse by the 3rd song.

But Bo was the bomb that night, who doesn't agree?? How many people can pull off an stunning performance without the friggin' band? He's the real thing, if America votes Carrie to be the American Idol; I'm sure Bo would achieve more success than Carrie, just like Clay over Ruben.

BO vs CARRIE - Finale

It's down to the 2 to compete for the title of American Idol, they have come a long way. Though I must give credit to Carrie for coming this far too, I want Bo to win this. He deserves this more than Carrie & he had definitely outsung Carrie amongst the weeks leading to the finale.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

End of the American Dream

End of Anthony's American Dream

Weren't some of you sad to see Anthony getting voted off AI?
Unlike Scott, it wasn't his time to leave the competition.

He was better than Carrie, maybe even Vonzell this week. He definitely outsung Carrie with the same second song. He showed soul, unlike what Cowell had to say. That faggot, Simon blamed the band for Carrie's lousy performance. I don't think so.

Hopefully, Anthony would continue to pursue his dream & become a recording artiste.

Uchenna & Joyce WINS The Amazing Race

Uchenna & Joyce Finishes First

Amazing Amazing Race.
Uchenna & Joyce overcame the obstacle of begging for money, a flat tyre & won the million-dollar prize by finishing ahead of Rob/Amber & Ron/Kelly.

Uchenna/Joyce had so much good luck that even I found it hard to believe. Rob/Amber were able to board the earlier departing flight & Ucehnna/Joyce looks like they were departing on the 1115hr flight & destined to finish behind the engaged couple. However, a big stroke of luck allowed them to board the same flight as Rob/Amber & they went on to win the Race.

Rob/Amber got lost in Miami, Florida while looking for the last clue directing them to the finishing line; while Uchenna/Joyce were able to get enough information with the help of their cab driver & found the clue swiftly.

Ron/Kelly made a wrong turn enroute to the airport & lost the Race then. No one wanted to see Rob/Amber winning the million-dollar prize again, me too. Luckily for Uchenna/Joyce, they had a wonderful cab driver & made a successful last scramble to beg for money to pay off the cab fare.

Will we see The Amazing Race 8? I hope so.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Arsenal 7 - 0 Everton

Is this a football match result? A score like this seems more like a hockey match.

Does the above statment sounds damn familiar? That's because that worm, Mourinho said it before.....hahaha!

David Moyes should be ashamed, so ashamed. Best team in Liverpool, my friggin' foot.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Contender

Interesting Stuff, Another Mark Burnett's Production

Well, I know nuts about boxing; except that I have taken up kickboxing classes before. Does that count?

The only boxing action I watched was of Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood & Morgan Freeman in Million Dollar Baby. But I guess you can't really qualify that as a movie about boxing, it's more humane & it really touches your heart during the last hour of the show where Maggie (played by Swank) seeked help from Frankie (played by Eastwood) to end her life, which Frankie did; finally. I cried.

Well, The Contender is a different story. These 16 guys really fight for their chance to win the million-dollar prize & maybe a championship match at Vegas, where they would be crowned as middle-weight champ.

It's real & with the usual elements of any Mark Burnett created reality show, alliances/challenges/voting/rewards. I never knew I would be glued to my tv set, waiting for the guys to face-off during the 5 rounds of boxing & secretly cheering on a few of them. Certainly, now with only 4 of them remaining (Peter, Alfronso, Sergio & Jesse). It's gonna be do-or-die, no more friendship, alliances. Those things can't compare with the million-dollar prize & the title of The Contender.

Ok, keep watching & visit if you wanna more updates/info.

Monday, May 09, 2005

It's Over...

Arsenal 3 - 1 Liverpool

I don't know what else to say, but Liverpool's dream of chasing Everton to reach the 4th spot in the Premier League is effectively busted; we can't catch the Toffees now. No longer possible mathematically.

It was do-or-die, we had to WIN it to have any chance of getting 4th. But, we put up a disappointing show against the Gunners & paid for the it dearly. We got beaten 3-1 at Highbury.

We were the better side for the opening 15 mins, from then on it's the Gunners. We could have gotten a goal, but Riise wasted the chance by going for personal glory. I don't blame Riise, he's been outstanding this season; during the Carling Cup Final against Chelsea & he was hardworking throughout Liverpool's season. But, at times like this; team certainly comes before personal glory. All said & done, it was a wasted opportunity.

Gunners got two in the first-half through Pires & Reyes, within 25 mins of the game. Honestly, I was shocked. Where was the gallant defence that denied Juve & Chelsea? We were disorganized at the back & Baros is again the lone striker, we have limited firing power in front & we kept firing blanks.

Captain Gerrard did find the net thru a deflected freekick after the interval, but we weren't able to get the equaliser, even after Rafael Benitez sent Kewell & Cisse up to add more attacking strength. Pool played better in the 2nd-half, but were let down by the finishing.

Now, there's no way we can catch Everton. We can only hope to win the Champions League final against AC Milan in Istanbul on 25th May & hope the English FA & UEFA do something miraculous.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Important Match at Highbury

This is as huge as the Champions League Final, so says Rafael Benitez.
It's do-or-die for Liverpool, we definitely have to win this to keep our hopes of finishing fourth in the Premier League alive.

Everton won their game 2-0 against the Magpies at Goodison Park yesterday, they only have to get 1 point from their remaining 2 games to cement their spot in the Champions League next season; that sounds easy. But, anything can happen in football & they could lose both games.

What Rafael Benitez & the lads should concentrate now is to win both games remaining in the League & score more goals, pray that Everton loses both games & clinch the much coveted 4th spot by superior goal difference.

That's the only way to do it now, it's now or never. If Pool does beat AC Milan in Istanbul on 25th May, but could only finish behind Everton in the League; it's would seem so silly to have the defending champions of the Champions League not in the competition next season. What are the big wigs in UEFA & English FA thinking about???

It's gonna be a tough game against Arsenal at Highbury, but we can take comfort that Arsene's army would be without Henry & Ljungberg are likely to be sitting out of this match.

Come on, we really need the 3 points.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Jamie Carragher

Magnificent Red - Jamie Carragher

This blog entry is dedicated to Jamie Carragher, whom has been magnificent whole season for Liverpool. He played a big part in our triumph over the "so-called invincible" Chelsea this week & would be equally important on May 25th against the Serie A giants; AC Milan.

Anfield legend Alan Hansen even said that Carra is 10 times better than him, even during his prime.

I guess that was the biggest compliment you can receive from a legendary player like Alan Hansen.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's About Time, Scott

Scott Savol Voted off

What more can I say?
It was his time, simply put.

Elderly Couple Meredith & Gretchen Eliminated on TAR this week

Meredith & Gretchen Eliminated in London

What a journey it must have been for elderly couple Meredith & Gretchen. They said it themselves, they didn't expect to get this far on the Race; certainly not in the last four teams remaining.

Nonethless, they take away memories & experiences from the Race that would be unique & exclusively to them.

Rob & Amber ; Uchenna & Joyce ; Ron & Kelly

It's the season finale next week, 2-hr special. What I didn't wanna see happened, Rob/Amber are one of the final 3 teams racing to the finish line. Just how did they get there, alot of help from the locals, manipulation, deceit, their celebrity status & competitiveness. You got to give it to them, they did them all. Everyone hates them, but no one made it difficult for them.

Ron/Kelly had the chance to yield them earlier in the Race to probably put them out of the Race, but didn't have enough brains to do it. In turn, they were yielded this week by Rob/Amber. What a joke, hah!

I hope Rob/Amber comes in last of the 3 teams, it's quite unlikely though. Looks like they are holding a rather reasonable lead over the other 2 teams, by finishing the Detour & Roadblock quickly this week; not to mention the Yield they exercised to their advantage.

Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Liverpool 1 - 0 Chelsea

Riise Celebrates with Garcia on the WIN

When you go against all odds to beat the newly crowned Premier League champions, the feeling is ecstatic. Whether or not the goal from Luis Garcia crossed the line, the decision is made by the linesman & it's FINAL.

Liverpool edged out the so-called invincible Chelsea by 1 - 0 at Anfield.

That worm, Jose Mourinho can say what he wants to say about the result, but his team ain't going to Istanbul to face either AC Milan or PSV Eindhoven. He can say Chelsea was the best team & Pool got a early goal & defended their way throughout the match. But if that's the way to overcome the "invincible" Chelsea, Pool did it the RIGHT way.

chelsea,chelseachelsea, raffa
chelsea, raffachelsea, raffachelsea

Pictures say everything, savour the moment.
Final awaits Pool at Istanbul.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Liverpool Takes On Chelsea at Anfield

Tonight's the night where we will see The Kop triumph over the newly crowned Barclay's Premier League Champion, Chelsea. Gerrard will have the 11 gladiators he need for the fight & I bet every single one of them would want to win this so so so so so much.

We managed a good result (o - o) at Stamford Bridge last week, Carra is right in saying that all pressure is on Chelsea now. Liverpool has nothing to lose really & everything to gain if we can snatch a win at Anfield tonight. No one expected us to get this far in the competition & we did, no one expected us to face Chelsea tonight, but we are.

I swear that this is definitely a win I wanna see us achieve, having already lost to Chelsea thrice this season (twice in the League & once during the Carling Cup Final), nothing beats beating them now & play either PSV or AC Milan at Istanbul on 25th May 2005.

I'm so gutted to see Terry & Lampard to predict their victory so early & clearly doesn't show an ounce of respect to The Kop. Let the 11 gladitors do their work & the final score would speak for themselves.

I rest my case.