Monday, February 28, 2005

Carling Cup Final : Liverpool 2 - 3 Chelsea

Devastating Defeat for Pool & fans (Gerrard, Carragher & Hamman dejected)

Alas, the dream of winning some kind of silverware ended in disappointment this morning (Singapore time). Liverpool was held to a 1 - 1 draw by Chelsea during normal time & had to battle during extra time, despite their fatigue.

Pool could have won the Cup in normal time, save for a freaked own goal by skipper; Stevie Gerrard. He headed Chelsea's freekick into his own net & left Dudek rooted to the ground, shocked. What's worse, the own goal lifted Chelsea's spirit & they continued to put pressure on Pool's defence. Hence, both sides had to play out the 30-mins extra time.

Following the quick goal by Riise (less than a min into the game!!), Pool played well during the first half & looked like they were winning this. However, Chelsea fought hard & constantly pressured the Pool's defense. Jose Mourinho's team are not one that gives up fighting easily, they were playing 4 strikers upfront to grab the equaliser. But, it was Gerrard whom gave them the lifeline in the 80th min; heading the ball into his own net.

Jose Mourinho got into trouble with the police authority & the fourth official & was sent off. Before the sent-off, he lost his temper & berated Finnan & Carragher from the sidelines for no reason whatsoever. After the own goal by Gerrard, he even gestured the Pool's fans to be quiet by putting his finger to his lips repeatedly.

The match was extremely explosive & fast-paced that really put both teams' fitness to the test. Both Pool & Chelsea showed signs of slowing down during extra time. It was Chelsea who scored first, with Drogba on the score sheet. Kezman followed suit & Chelsea were 3 - 1 up with only 7 mins remaining of the 2nd period of extra time. Though Nunez scored his first ever goal for Pool after that, it was a case of too little, too late. Chelsea walked away with a famous victory & Jose Mourinho is on his way for the chase of silverware, with the Carling Cup being the first.

It was extremely painful for me to watch, being a Pool fan. I seriously thought Pool would win the Carling Cup with the magnificent early strike from Riise & confidence they displayed during the 1st half. However, things were not meant to be & Pool lost the only 1 real chance of winning any kind of silverware this season. I saw Stevie Gerrard sitting on the pitch after the match & it must have been terrible for him. He would love to bring glory to Anfield by lifting the Carling Cup at Cardiff, but he turned out to be the hero-turned-villian with the own goal.

It's pointless to feel dejected with the loss now. Hopefully, they can pick themselves up quick enough to face off Newcastle in their next Premiership match & probably stage an upset against Bayer Leverkusen in Germany & advance further in the Champions League.

The body may be tired, but the spirit must prevail & move on.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

1st FOUR outta running for AI

Melinda, Jared, Sarah & Judd outta running for AI

Alright, we have our first results show of AI4. Melinda Lira, Jared Yates, Sarah Mather & Judd Harris are outta running for the title of AI.

Who would have thought? I thought Janay sounded worse than Melinda & Sarah. Janay was a bunch of nerves & I wasn't able to make out what she was singing. For Sarah, i guess it's the choice of song....she chose an up-tempo song but didn't have the voice or attitude to carry it off. As for Melinda, i'm really clueless. Maybe America doesn't like her face? Who knows...

I shadn't comment on the guys as I missed their performances. But i heard Bo & Anwar rawks!! Keep watching, i figured more surprises are in store for us.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Liverpool 3-1 Bayer Leverkusen

Fine Win for the Reds against Leverkusen

Look at the scoreline, take a darn good look!
Did anyone expect this result for Liverpool without Gerrard, Morientes, Mellor & Sinama Pongolle? I'm so so delighted now, 'cause I didn't expect this at all.

When they go to Germany for the second leg in 2 weeks time, they might possibly have Gerrard in the line-up, if he stays injury-free. Maybe they could stage an upset & whip Leverkusen's a** & secure Liverpool a spot for the last eight in Champions League.

It would definitely be heaven if Leverkusen didn't grab a last minute away goal at Anfield. I'm optimistic about Liverpool's chances of reaching the last eight now.

Hail the REDS !!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Apprentice

Mr Donald Trump

Mr Donald Trump spun off to great success on TV with his endorsement of The Apprentice. They all said it & I agree with them. "All wanna be like him, but NONE wanna look like him". Hah, how sad is that. Maybe Mr Trump should start another reality series like Extreme Makeover, with him as the first surgery candidate to go under the knife.

I know i'm a hopeless reality tv junkie, I watch almost everything & anything. But, who can blame me? Reallity tv has such a intense attraction that draws you to the google box for each episode of every damned series.

I know that The Apprentice 1 is history ages ago, but Channel 5 is showing The Apprentice 2; which is also history as the series is finished in the US & Mr Trump has already has selected his 2nd apprentice from the reality series (Mr Kelly won, outdoing Jen M). You can check out for more.

Well, of course I'm watching the 2nd season now. But there are always some very livid/colourful characters & media portrayal of the contestants. I shall mention a number from both instalments.

Bill Rancic I definitely remember Bill Rancic as one of the most good-looking guys on season 1. What's more, he's already a entrepreneur before joining the show; he had his own cigar business. He has the million-dollar smile & charisma that always evolved around him.

His competitor, Kwane Jackson gave him good competition in fighting for the opportunity to be the apprentice. He was just as outstanding but less vocal. But I thought he blew his chances when Omarosa made things difficult for him during the final task; including "losing Mandy Moore", the star of the show at the Taj Mahal Casino.

Omarosa was a pain in the a** with her bossy attitude & she pissed everyone off on her team. She claimed a concussion when a tiny piece of cement hit her darn head. I figured that the cement suffered a worse fate, compared to her head. Hah !

HeidiBressler.jpg Oh, and who can forget Heidi? She's the gal that drops the F-bomb ever so effortlessly, kinda like me....haha! She battled with her emotions when she learnt halfway during the show that her Mum has taken ill & had to undergo surgery to make things right. Kudos to the lady!

Ok, now comes the climax. Can you still remember the "romance" between Nick & Amy? They were so oblivious to the others & had them all guessing if they were for real. But, alas, Amy revealed at the end of the show that they are merely friends.

Ok, now comes season 2. There are more weird characters this time round.

Let me begin with Bradford. If you are an avid follower of the show, you know what i'm talking about. He forfeited his "exemption" & got fired in the most dramatic manner by Donald Trump.

Then, there's Raj; the man with the bow tie & walking stick. He always makes me laugh. Remember the Ciao Bella ice cream task? He looked like one whom really sells ice cream for a living at Times Square; with his bow tie & bermudas.

Not forgetting Stacie J, whom by far was fired in the most unbelievable fashion. She was accused of being "mad" & having a spilt personality & Donald Trump actually believed that! He ordered the other ladies from the suite back to the boardroom, to confirm that all of them agrees that Stacie J is a nutcase. I find it absurd that she was fired this way, being Donald Trump; i thought he would have been more methodical on this, then just relying on hearsay.

Ok, keep watching & I figured I'll have something on American Idol 4 soon as the Top 24 are finally selected.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese Writing Card
Happy Rooster Year....!!

So, the CNY holidays are kinda over & everyone is back at work; maybe except for some hawkers & shop owners.

Did you enjoy your ba-kwa & love letters? What about the ang-baos & the mahjong session? Chinese New Year (CNY) is such a joyous occasion & it's pig-out time with all the new year goodies & excessive food consumed during the reunion dinner.

I dislike CNY, maybe except for the fact that i can still accept ang baos; despite the fact that i'm already married/registered. According to the elders, you can still accept ang baos; as long as you haven't gone through the customary marriage rites. Hah, that's my favourite of the whole CNY.

You know the questions your relatives ask when you go visiting, there are a couple of "confirmed" questions; depending on the status of your love life.

If you are single & not attached (after 21 years of age & started working)
Relative : How come still no boyfriend/girlfriend? Not young already, don't be too picky, wait nobody want you then you know.
(what the heck, i mean surely i can't just pick any Tom, Dick or Harry as my boyfriend.)

If you are attached & not married yet
Relative : Got boyfriend/girlfriend liao, still don't faster get married? Not young already, gotta plan already; cannot give birth too late.
(bullshit, does it mean that as soon as i have a boyfriend; i should get married & start giving birth like a sow?)

If you are attached & registered your marriage with ROM
Relative : Got registered already good, can start to plan for your customary. Never go through the customary rites, not considered married...apply for flat already?
(not again, so i must go through the customary rites to confirm that i'm married? Isn't the marriage cert from ROM good enough?)

If you are married & gone through the customary marriage rites
Relative : Now married already, when are you planning to have kids? Quickly give birth lah, Government also encourage people to give birth, got reward mah.
(so, now what? I should give birth for the sake of government incentives?)

Sometimes, relatives are such pain in the a**. That's why i hated visiting during the CNY, you never know how to answer the questions. The worst thing, you get asked the same question at every relative's house you go to. So, to rid my agony; i decided to stop visiting this year at the expense of the ang bao $$.

So far, i have only been to my husband's place for visiting & i reckon there would be it for this year.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Freddy & Kendra - Winners of TAR 6

Freddy/Kendra Finishes FIRST......& win the million !!

So there you have it....the winners of The Amazing Race 6, Freddy & Kendra !!

The finale turned out to be so competitive & i really didn't expect Aaron/Hayden to be stumped by a bad cab driver & even gave up on the Roadblock & took a 4-hour penalty. I guess they were hoping that Adam/Rebbecca can't finish the Roadblock too & it would be down to who gets to the pit stop first as both teams would suffer the 4-hour penalty.

But alas, it was not meant to be. Rebbecca managed to find the lock that matters most & finished the Roadblock in fine form, lucky for her & Adam. Sheer bad luck for Hayden & Aaron.

So, with Hayden/Aaron eliminated; the 3 teams remaining began their last leg from China to Honolulu, Hawaii & finally to Chicago. It was actually betweeen Freddy/Kendra & Kris/Jon, as Adam/Rebbecca had to much time to make up for due to the last leg at Xi'An, China. It was really tight between the 2 teams, Jon & Freddy even did their Roadblock of skydiving together! It was that tight.

However, the earlier mistake of Kris/Jon came back to haunt them & i bet they must be kicking themselves for that. They booked a flight reaching Chicago 30 mins later with American Airlines, compared to Freddy/Kendra's earlier flight with United. The deficit literally killed their chances.

In the end, it was Freddy & Kendra whom reached the finishing line first. But first having to manuveur their own way to the finishing line as their cab driver was clueless of the final destination.

Nonetheless, i thought it was a fair finish with Freddy/Kendra winning it.

I guess we don't have to wait too long for The Amazing Race 7. Just went on & realised that TAR 7 is premiering on 01st March 2005. Guess what, it features Rob/Amber from Survivor All-Stars.....kinda unfair. Amber has already won a million, why give her the chance to win another? But i guess, it's done by the producers to increase viewership. However, i didn't think they need Rob/Amber as the catalyst for increased viewership. They will get enough of that with the solid foundation & trills/adventures they put out every season.

Amazing Race ROCKS !!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Suspected Dengue Fever

Sick & Feverish

I was very sick the last weekend, i spent like 4 days feeling like a ghost.

I had a high fever, with my temperature once reaching 39.8 degrees celsius. I thought i was about to die on Saturday when my muscle joints started to ache, watery stools & vomitting. I was sure that these are the signs for dengue fever. However, i couldn't muster enough strength to get my butt off the bed to go see the doc & i ended up sleeping through the whole Sat...

Sunday came & i was feeling slightly better, but i was still having a fever & the times i ran to the toilet for shitting got more frequent. I dragged myself outta the house & went to see the doc. I told the doc about the aching, fever & the runs & asked her if it could be dengue? She replied that it's too early to tell & asked me to monitor the temp. for another 2 days or so, if the fever persists; go back & do a blood test to ascertain if it's dengue.

I went back home & slept some more, still having a fever when i woke up for lunch; took more pills. Luckily for me, the fever began to clear by Sunday evening & i guess i needn't go back for a blood test.

But the 4 days of fever really freaked me out, i really thought i was going to die of dengue fever....that damn mosquito!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

4-way Race next week....

Down to the last 4 teams

Woah, i seriously thought Adam/Rebbecca would be eliminated this week in Shanghai, China. Alas, it's the last of 3 pre-determined non-elimination legs.

It was a nail-biting finish this week, with Kris/Jon & Adam/Rebbecca vying for the last place. I was so elated when Kris/Jon reached Peace Hotel South in 3rd place, after nearly being run over twice by the horrendous traffic in downtown Shanghai.

Despite Hayden's whining & endless complaints, both Aaron & herself managed to finish first. Freddy/Kendra yielded Adam/Rebbecca for payback, though i thought it wouldn't have made any difference to the placings if they had yielded Kris/Jon. However, having to start the next crucial leg in a city where language is a big barrier would be a daunting task for Adam/Rebbecca.

I still hope Kris/Jon wins, can't wait for the season finale this coming Wed.....