Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Killer Tsunami

Killer Waves Posted by Hello

The killer earthquake and tsunami that hit the South and Southeast Asia last Sunday was one of the worst natural disasters that has fallen on mankind in the last 40 years. Not only did it ruin property, it also claimed the lives of many. As many as 24,000 lives were lost in the tragedy, with the number still potentially rising as many are still unaccounted for.

I have never felt this strongly about any natural disaster until this. Perhaps, the tsunami occurred way too near to us to be ignored. Not even the 911 incident fazed me as much as what happened on Sunday. If Singapore was unfortunately affected by the tsunami, we would have undoubtedly been washed out; literally.

We have seen numerous reports on the disaster thus far, I'm asking myself why did it have to affect the poor and helpless in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia? The areas affected consist of some of the poorest countries in the world where no means of advanced technology were available to help detect and warn people of the impending disaster. The closure of some of the international airports didn't help matters either. The state of Aceh, which could be the worst-hit area is ironically the most difficult area where relief can be extended due to several security reasons.

It happened to this part of the world last week and it could happen anywhere else in Europe, America, China or any other continents. Perhaps, the developed countries might have been able to handle the disaster better, given the advanced technology and intelligence units that might have been able to forewarn the people of the tsunami and could have evacuated the affected to higher ground that would have offered better safety ands ecurity.

It was as if a mammoth gash has occurred at the bottom of the seabed and its "blood" was spilled onto the land. Was it God's way of telling us that the earth is hurting and it's getting unbearable from all the abuses and exploitations of Man? We will never know.

Let's pray for the unfortunate victims, their families & the missing whom are still unaccounted for. Perhaps we should come together and collect a small sum of money for the disaster victims & pass it on to the Singapore Red Cross Society.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Those were the Days

Patsy, Me, Lian & Charles Posted by Hello

This pic was taken early this February, when Charles was leaving for Queensland, Australia for his journalism studies.

That's Patsy in front, followed by me, Lian & Charles. Since Charles left for his studies in Queensland, many things have changed. For example, i got registered in Sept this year & Lian got married in Nov & Patsy has since decided to go sell bee hoon.

Time really flies, it has only been 10 months & lotsa things have changed. Well, i guess we all grow up & enter different stages of our life. With Lian & myself being married now, it means that we have additional commitment & responsibilities towards our spouses. It's hard sometimes, having to divide your time among your friends; work & family.

I just can't wait for Charles to come back to S'pore & we can get-together again to have fun again. Talk like we used to & basically laugh at the silliest things, probably we can have bee hoon at Patsy's stall or restaurant even.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

It's Sunday again

Well, I know i haven't been blogging as much as i should be (as if pple noticed, no one reads my blog anyway).

Things hasn't been going well the way it should. Though it's the end of the year & you are supposed to be merry about it, but i'm just not feeling it yet; maybe i wouldn't.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Non-Recovery from last place, Don & MJ finishes last again

Don & MJ Eliminated Posted by Hello

Don & MJ were eliminated this week on TAR. They were unable to recover from a last place finish from the last leg & were eliminated from the Race this week.

They started out penniless in one of the poorest country in the world, Senegal.

They weren't able to bring themselves to beg from the people whom are much much much poorer than they are. They instead asked for $$ from the other teams. Surprisingly, all teams offered some form of financial aid; to enable them to continue the race after they left the slave house.

The tribute they paid to the enslaved Africans was touching and even brought Gus to tears. I bet it must've been heart-wrenching to stand at "The Gate of No Return" & remembering that you are an African-American & a part of you came from them.

Nonethless, Jonathan never fails to surprise me. He was this nice guy who loves kids last week & he kinda became the "wife-basher" this week. He shoved his wife (mind you), Victoria at the mat; just because he finished second, behind Freddy & Kendra.

Well, i mean, he was the weakling whom can't carry his backpack & run at the same time. Who's to blame but himself! He threw off his backpack in spite of Victoria's cries that it would be taken by the passer-bys. Instead of heeding Vic's advice, he sprinted off & left Vic behind struggling with 2 backpacks. How's that for a MAN?

Anyway, i'm looking forward to next week's race. Come quickly, Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Don & MJ Saved from Elimination this week on TAR

Non-Elimination Saves the Day Posted by Hello

Alas, the oldest couple on TAR 6 was saved from elimination due to the first non-elimination leg on this race.

Though they did fairly well, the "pull them up" Detour did them in. Now, they would have to start the next leg of the race penniless in the impoverished country of Senegal. I hope they make it though, but it's gonna be really difficult to beg or ask for money in an already poor country with terrible living conditions.

We saw a different side of Jonathan this week, he loved kids! I guess someone who loves kids can't be that bad afterall.

Ok, i know i have said that i'm supporting Freddy & Kendra in my earlier post. But, i'm beginning to like Kris & Jon more (not because Jon is cute, really). I like Freddy though, but Kendra seems to have a 'stuck-up' attitude towards things; but maybe that's media potrayal.

Anyway, i hope Kris & Jon go all the way to winning that million bucks.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Cool website

I stumped upon this website accidentally, check it out if you have time to spare.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Lena & Kristy (Britney Spears' lookalike) Eliminated

The most Attractive team eliminated Posted by Hello

You have to agree with me that Lena & Kristy are attractive & they are the most attractive team on TAR 6.

A pity they had to go out that way, they didn't even managed to finish the RoadBlock.

*Sigh*, now that Avi/Joe, Maria/Meredith & Lena/Kristy are all eliminated; the winner of TAR 6 would definitely be a co-ed team. I was hoping Lena & Kristy win though.

Ok. since Lena & Kristy are now eliminated; i shall shift my support to Freddy & Kendra.

Keep watching, suprises happen every week.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Taufik Batisah - Our First Singapore Idol

Deserving Winner - Taufik Posted by Hello

So, there you have it. Our first Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah!

Definitely deserving, the way he performed those 3 songs; no way Sly can match that. Hah!

Ok, i shall come clean. I sent 24 sms-es just now for Taufik, secretly hoping he would win; i wasn't disappointed.

May he bring honour to Singapore during World Idol !