Saturday, February 25, 2006

Benfica 1 - 0 Liverpool

Disappointment in Lisbon

I know this entry is late, but I was busy with work for the past week & late nights.

The defeat in Lisbon was difficult to swallow, especially having not lost for a long time in the Champions League tournament. Rafa give Gerrard a break, placing him on the subs bench. That was rather alarming, if you ask me. However, I understood as the game went on, Rafa was looking for a nil-nil draw away from home.

We looked like earning a well-deserved draw, but for Luisao's late header that gave Benfica a vital 1-0 win. We now have to score at least 2 goals at Anfield to progress & have to stop Benfica from scoring at Anfield.

I think we can do that, Anfield is always a difficult place to play at, and Liverpool will have the incredible fans behind them all the way.

I just like this photo so so much!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Liverpool 1 - 0 Man Utd
(FA Cup 5th Rd)

Peter Crouch Scores !!

Entertaining match, worked to Liverpool's favour. Sweet sweet victory for Liverpool, having lost to Man Utd earlier in the league this season.

Man Utd never looked threatening in the first 45 mins. Without Rio Ferdinard; the defence was looking very vulnerable. Alex Ferguson had to bring in Vidic & Brown to marshal the defence. It was evident that Pool would score sooner or later, with the kind of pressure they mounted on Man Utd. The midfield trio of Gerrard, Hamman & Sissoko controlled the centre of the field & I want to add that I was impressed with Momo Sissoko, especially. He went all out for every loose ball & his work rate was great. With Liverpool controlling the midfield, it was no surprise that Man Utd wasn't getting many chances at goal.

The goal did come early, in the 19th min; through Peter Crouch!! His header found the back of the net & hysteria broke out amongst the fans. 1 - 0 to Liverpool. Man Utd continued to search for the equaliser, but was not sucessful. Ronaldo, Richardson & Fletcher were largely ineffective in midfield, thus the poor showing by the Man Utd side.

Intense Agony for Smith

Man Utd never looked like getting the equaliser at Anfield, even though Louis Saha was sent on for the ineffective Fletcher. There were some chances at goal, but they never came close. The match was nearing the end, when Liverpool was awarded a free kick. Riise stepped up & sent a powerful volley towards goal. Smith jumped & blocked the shot, but went down the ground; falling awkwardly, with his left leg beneath him. It was only after the match that revealed that he had a dislocated ankle & broken leg.

Rivalry there may be, but no one would want to see any injury that bad happening to anyone. Not forgetting that we have had our shares of despair with what happened to Cisse & Alonso last season. I wish the best for Alan Smith.

Benfica is next, our journey continues, to defending our Champions League trophy this season.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liverpool 1 - 0 Arsenal


Just when I thought we were only going to get a point against the Gunners for our fantastic display at Anfield on Vday, Luis Garcia pounced on a rebound from Didi's volley & made it 1 - 0!! Great work by Didi too, for he made the volley that resulted in the rebound.

We dominated for most parts of the game, I was starting to get frustrated and desperate, why haven't we scored yet? Gerrard missed a penalty in the first half!! Heaps of chances missed by the strikers, what's happening?? I didn't think Rafa had anything else up his sleeves this time, a draw was destined. Then, Didi was brought on to replace Alonso, and Garcia was on for Sissoko. Our efforts paid off, Didi struck a powerful volley towards goal, which Lehmann saved, but he wasn't able to save from the rebound by Luis Garcia. 86th min, 1 - 0 to Liverpool, we are gonna WIN, surely.

The win was an important one, we needed all the confidence we can accumulate before the FA Cup tie against Man Utd. We have had a string of undesirable results in the league earlier, losses against Man Utd, Chelsea and Charlton. 3 points last week against Wigan last week and this win against the Gunners was vital to keep our pace with 2nd-placed Man Utd.

Bring on Man Utd, I'm now pretty confident that we can kick their asses at Anfield!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wigan 0 - 1 Liverpool

Rare Goal for Sami Hyypia

A rare goal from Hyypia kept Liverpool's hopes of catching Man Utd in the 2nd spot on the League table alive.

Liverpool played well in the first half & controlled the game for the first 45 mins. Hamman came in for Sissoko & Dudek continued his stint in goal for the suspended Reina. Fowler partnered Morientes in front of goal and again put up a decent performance.

Having seen the actions in the first 45 mins, I thought we would be able to score another couple of goals against the Wigan lads. But it proved difficult in the 2nd half for Liverpool. We were constantly put under pressure from Wigan & they certainly had better chances in front of goal than Pool did. Paul Jewell had to make do with his choice of limited players, having to play without his choice of strikers & that made it more difficult.

Liverpool were kinda fortunate to walk away from JJB stadium with 3 points, Wigan made it very difficult for Pool in the 2nd half. Benitez had to play it safe by substituting Kromkamp for Fowler with a quarter of the match remaining to safeguard the 3 points. All credit to the lads from Wigan, they have been magnificent all season & I wish them all the luck to kick Man Utd asses in the League Cup Final!!

As for Liverpool, important matches coming up. We play Arsenal in midweek, then Man Utd during the weekend for the FA Cup tournament, then Benfica in the Champions League.

Pool can't afford a slip-up now, come on Liverpool!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Charlton 2 - 0 Liverpool

Dudek's return marred by penalty

Reina's out suspended for 3 matches, we played Charlton away at The Valley, Dudek started the game for Liverpool in goal, he "fouled" Bent in the box, penalty given against Dudek, Bent scores, Charlton's Luke Young scores another in the 45th min, making it 2 - 0 against Liverpool, makes it a done deal for Charlton.

Our nightmare continues.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chelsea 2 - 0 Liverpool

Reina Sent Off for 'slapping' Robben (Potato Sack)

We lost the game 2 - o to the London outfit.

Having played so many times against Chelsea, this was the bitter-est defeat I felt for Liverpool. We ruled for the first 30 mins, but let in a goal from a corner; due to a serious lapse of concentration when defending the set piece. Gallas basically tap the ball into an open net!! Crespo scored the second on the counter-attack, end of story.

The game's talking point must have been the 'slap' across Robben's face, courtesy of Pepe Reina. Robben's good acting that might have earned him an Oscar, instead earned Reina a straight red card. If Robben hadn't reacted that dramatically to the confrontation, Reina might have just been shown 2 yellow cards & would only be banned for 1 match.

I don't know about the other fans, but I thought Reina rightfully deserved the red card after losing his composure & raising his hand to Robben. He might not have deserved a straight red card, that would put him out for 3 matches. Maybe if the actor - Robben hadn't shown his impressive acting skills, it might have been 2 yellow cards.

Anyway, a loss is a loss. We need to quickly pick ourselves up & concentrate on the tight premiership schedule coming up, including Champions League matches against Benfica & the FA Cup tie against Man Utd.

We can do this, surely.

Friday, February 03, 2006

OFF to Bangkok

I'm off to Bangkok for the weekend, I'm now at Changi Airport.
I don't think I'll have the time to take any photos, it's gonna be shopping, shopping SHOPPING!!

Haha, I'm so so lucky!!