Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rocker Wannabe Constantine Sent Home

Constantine Voted Off

Hmm, this week's elimination was unexpected. I was guessing Scott, cos he hasn't had a good performance for the longest time I can remember. But, what's done is done, Constantine Maroulis was the 7th to be sent home in American Idol 4.

What i don't get is, Constantine should have a HUGE base of female fans which should put him through this week. BUT, he lost out to the unfavourable Scott.

I was so gutted when Ryan asked both Scott & Constantine to pick a group which they thought would be safe this week. Both quickly made up their mind to stand with Carrie & Bo. Was it because Anthony is in the other group? Hell knows, only Scott & Constantine can answer that.

But i thought Anthony delivered one of his best performances so far in the competition with Celine Dion's I Surrender. You can see the video here,

Anthony Fedorov

Anthony's is in a league of his own, he's unlike the other constantants. While Bo & Carrie can really croon to a song of their element, rock & country respectively. Vonzell is clearly a diva with that BIG voice, Scott is the more ordinary singer; i do not know what describes him best.

As for Anthony, for one who has undergone major surgery on his throat/vocal cords; he's doing very well as an amateur. I didn't think he could pull the Celine's song off, but he did.

Anyway, i think it's gonna be a all-female finale now; with Carrie & Vonzell. Though I really hope Bo makes it, but i don't think so.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Chelsea 0 - 0 Liverpool

Gerrard Challenges Drogba

It was a good result, though it would have been better if it was a scoring draw. That would mean Pool would have walked away from Stamford Bridge with away goal/goals.

Rafael Benitez played a cautious game, they didn't want to allow Chelsea to score as that would mean they have to overcome the first-leg lead at Anfield. Once again, Carragher, Hyypia & Traore were outstanding in defence. Finnan did a decent job as well. Midfield was orchestrated by Alonso, Gerrard, Garcia, Riise & Biscan. Baros was the lone striker due to Rafa's defensive approach.

Alonso Misses 2nd leg at Anfield

The only disappointment would be booking of Alonso by referre Sars. That was NO foul, surely he knows that now having watched the replays of the foul. But it's not gonna change anything, Alonso will miss the 2nd-leg at Anfield. What a pity!

Hopefully Hamman can recover in time for the second leg. Otherwise, Rafa has a choice among Kewell, Smicer & Nunez.

In all, the 0 - 0 result was one the Kopite can be very proud of now!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

CHELSEA vs LIVERPOOL @ Stamford Bridge

It's gonna be a tough game, but definitely not one we can't win.

We may have lost 3 times to them this season, but every time it had been close & we certainly deserved to win those games. But, as they always say; it's not the team that played the best wins, but the team that makes the least mistakes.

It's a HUGE game for both Liverpool & Chelsea, i can't emphasize it more. Both Rafael Benitez & Jose Mourinho are tactical masters in their own right. They have both led Valencia & Porto to European success respectively, during the past 2 seasons. It's gonna be interesting to watch Benitez & Mourinho pit their skills on the pitch, for such an important match for either teams.

Rafael Benitez Liverpool 2004/05 new profileMilan Baros Liverpool 2004/05 new profileSteven Gerrard Liverpool 2004/05 profile sizeXabi Alonso Liverpool 2004/05 profile

It's gonna be a hard-fought match for either team, but I believe Liverpool win at the end of both legs of the semi-final to face either PSV or AC Milan in the final at Turkey.

Bring it on, The Kop can win this !!!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Is this GOOD or BAD news?

FA want extra Euro place for Liverpool

I just saw this on the website, judge for yourself if it's good or bad news.
I think it's bad news, though.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

What Have We Got Left?

Johnson Celebrates the Winning Goal

We lost & we lost in a lousy fashion.

Crystal Palace 1 - 0 Liverpool

It's really up to Everton now to lose the 4th position in the League. We had the chance to capitalise on their draw with Birmingham, but we didn't.

Benitez rested several key players with the CL semi-final with Chelsea later this week in mind. Alonso (not on subs' bench), Biscan & Riise (brought on as sub in 2nd half) were rested. Garcia was nursing an injury.

Well, a loss is a loss; no matter how good you play. At the present moment, the most dreadful thing is to drop points when Everton fails to win all 3 points from their match.

We have to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, to make the 2nd encounter at Anfield easier. Winning the Champions League is really the only hope that we will get CL action next season.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lynn & Alex Eliminated on TAR

Lynn & Alex Lost while searching for Pit Stop

Arch rivals with Rob/Amber, boyfriends Lynn & Alex were eliminated on The Amazing Race this week. Who would have thought, they finished the Road Block before Meredith/Gretchen. However, their cab driver got them to the wrong palace & the boyfriends couldn't make up for the lost time.

Joyce Shaves her head to earn Fast Forward

It was so brave of Joyce to shave her head to get the Fast Forward. I didn't think she was able to do that. Flo/Zach didn't have the guts to do that in Amazing Race 3, remember? Nontheless, the Fast Forward was well-earned; kudos to Joyce.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Anwar Robinson sent home

Probably the Best Vocalist

This must be a joke, Anwar Robinson was sent home on AI4 last night.

He certainly wasn't the worst last night, that country b*tch; Carrie Underwood was seriously the worst this week. American Idol's appeal is wearing off me now, there isn't much talent left. I thought this season would be the best of all, but it certainly wasn't.

There was so much hype earlier that the 12 finalists are all "very telented", but it doesn't seem that way now. I hope Bo Bice wins this, though he doesn't need to win AI to get a record deal.

Bo Bice all the way !!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pool beats Pompeys, Keeping Hopes Alive

Spainish Magic - Garcia & Morientes

Ok, I'm late in updating the results. But I have been busy with bloody work & fatigue overcame me at night & the bed beckons me...haha!

2 strikes from Garcia & Morientes earned the much needed 3 points for The Kop. They have pushed themselves back into the 5th position behind Everton. However, the Toffees showed they are seriously a team to be reckoned with by winning 1 - 0 against Man Utd. The gap now is 3 pts, but Toffees have a game in hand.

Maybe Hyypia is really right, we might have to win the Champions League to get CL action next season. With Toffees' current form, it's unlikely that they would drop pts & our chances of garnering 4th place is becoming remotely distant.

1st leg of the semi-final at Stamford Bridge next Wed, if we can get a goal of two there. We would be almost secured of a place in the final. However, that worm Mourinho & Chelsea has fantastic form away from Stamford Bridge.

Tough, it's really gonna be very very tough. But i believe we can be in the Champions League final this season & relive the old days of The Kop.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Casinos in Singapore

Casino Idea Comes Through

So, we are really getting casinos in Singapore. Are you for or against it?

Well, seems like the ministers went through extensive debates & discussions before approving of the idea. In case you didn't know, we are not getting 1, but 2 casinos! One at Marina Bay & another at Sentosa. PM Lee delivered the Government's decision this afternoon at the Parliament sitting today.

While Mr Lee was fast to point out that the decision within the Parliament wasn't unanimous when they met on April 9. The views of the MPs were definitely divided into 2 camps. Most of them were worried about the social ills the casinos might bring to the society, but the camp in favour of the idea were upbeat about the economic returns it could reap for the tourism industry.

BUT, the casinos wouldn't be like those in Vegas, Macau. They would be integrated within resorts. The casinos would only form part of the entertainment facilities within the resorts & would not be brandish gambling as much as the casino joints in Vegas & Macau.

Well, all said & done. The decision is final, i can expect Ah Longs in the casinos; waiting to help the desperate gambler with his/her financial woes.

See you in 2009!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Nadia OUT this week on Idol

Those legs, I WANT THEM

I just realised that I didn't post about American Idol this week, must have been too caught up with Liverpool's Champions League win.

Anyway, it was Nadia's turn this week. Well, she wasn't the worst vocalist, but not the best either. However, i felt she was better than Scott. Simon Cowell put it down to poor song selection, maybe.

Draw didn't Help

With the semi-final spot secured in the Champions League. It's expected that Pool would need to upstage Spurs' & get the win needed desperately to bring them to within 1 pt behind Everton.

It's not meant to be, we drew 2-2 with the hardworking Tottenham; despite being twice behind from a magnificent 1st half strike by Edman & Keane added another in the 56th min. The superb strike from Edman was sensational. He collected the ball hamlessly from 35 yards out, no one thought he would be going for goal. He stuck the ball & the Nike ball went beyond reach of Dudek & sailed into the top right hand corner.

Edman Celebrates his stunning goal

1 up for Spurs within 12 mins.

The Kop was noticably stunned by Edman's strike & took time to recover. Just when I thought they were heading for the interval trailing by 1 goal. The little Spainard, Garcia showed us his magic again. Alonso & Finnan set up Garcia's goal in the 44th min & the strike from him was similar to the one he had against Juve, what a beauty!

1 - 1 at half time @ Anfield.

Spurs pulled another back by Keane in the 56th min. Kanoute got around Pellegrino & pumped a precise cross to Keane lurking in the box. Keane did his thing & headed the ball passed Dudek.

1 - 2, advantage to Spurs @ Anfield.

Gerrard brought down by Kelly & Davis & Misses the penalty

Skipper Gerrard was brought down in the box by a combined effort of Davis & Kelly. Just when I thought that the equaliser would be scored by Gerrard, surely. Stevie G hit the ball wide, though getting Paul Robinson jumping to the wrong side. What a miss!!

Pool didn't give up searching for the equaliser, they were the better side & dominated the 2nd half. Then, it was Hyypia that scorded the equaliser. Gerrard's corner wasn't probably cleared by Spurs & Hyypia capitalised & scored the much needed equaliser.

Hyypia scored the equaliser

Pool continued to search for the winner, but luck wasn't on their side. Finnan missed the goal by inches, Gerrard struck the post in injury time & Morientes' effort blasted over the bar. The Kop only managed a point.

With Bolton winnng their match against Charlton, Pool now is SIXTH in the League table standings, behind both Bolton & Everton. It's gonna be a uphill task to bring themselves back to the 4th spot. The only chance would be to win the Champions League, to stay in Europe next season.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Senseless Rantings

I'm not sure what has become of me.

I seriously want to do something entirely different from what i do now. I want to get away from this freaking place & pursue a new career. I have been looking for a new job for the longest time i have known. I'm beginning to lose all confidence & just stay on in the present shitty job.

But NO, I need a new life, a new environment, new colleagues, a NEW me. I can't be staying stagnant for the next 2 years; doing the same thing, having lunch with the same group of colleagues for the next couple of years. I need a damn change.

I have thought of the worst, quit without a job. But that would be stupid. I'm not one who saves every penny for a rainy day. I spend whatever cash is available every month. If i quit now w/o a job, that would be suicide. I might be able to survive a month w/o income, but that's the max. What if i'm unable to get another job within the month? I would be a goner.

I just attended a Resume Writing workshop this morning, though it wasn't the best; but it did make me realise that there is so much room for improvment in my current cv. I really need to step up the process of getting my new job. Ranting here doesn't help much, i figured

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Did You Think This Was Possible?

We Are Back, Chelsea Next

I can't wipe the grin off my friggin' face, we held the great Juventus to a goalless draw & the 2-1 result during the first-leg at Anfield was enough to see The Kop thru to the semis. Well done!!

Well, we played defensive & counter-attack when we had the chance. It was kinda a boring match, but we did enough to reach the semis & would face the arrogant but so far invincible Chelsea.

I'm so happy, yet very tired after staying up late till this early morning to watch the match. My eyes are tired & i'm at work now. I don't know what i'm talking about now, I'd better stop.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cisse's Surprise Inclusion

Cisse may play for Pool against Juve

How cool is that? Cisse is included in the team that travelled to Turin to face Juve in the 2nd-leg of the quarter-final. Though like Alonso, Cisse isn't fully fit. But, he does gives Benitez other options for the strike force if the game proceeds to be in favour of Juve.

Losing Stevie G was painful, but i'm sure we would be able to do well with the 1 goal advantage gained at Anfield in mind.

Ankle Problem for Trezeguet

More good news, Juventus striker David Trezeguet is ruled out of the game to an ankle problem. That gives Pool more breathing space at the back, but we must not slacken. Juve is always tough to play against, nothing to take for granted.

Not Another Blow

Gerrard Ruled out of Juve clash in Turin

Did you hear? Steven Gerrard is ruled out of the 2nd-leg match against Juventus in Turin tomorrow morning (S'pore time), due to a groin problem. This is such a blow for The Kop, other than losing to Man City last weekend which effectively widened the lead Toffees have over us to 4 pts; we lost our most important player.

Alonso may be back

There's nothing much we can do, but hope & pray for the best to happen to Liverpool in Turin. If they can pull this off, that would be simply magnificent. Alonso may be back in the line-up to replace Gerrard, but his fitness worries me. He hasn't play any first-team football since his injury.

Let's hope for the best.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Manchester City 1 - 0 Liverpool

Riise brought down by Man City

We really really need to win this, to surge ahead of Everton's match against Crystal Palace. Now that we have lost due to conceding a last-minute goal, hopes of finishing 4th in the League is quickly disappearing.

They could have at least salvaged a point from the match, if not for a last-minute strike from City's Kiki Musampa that secured the 3 points for the unfancied Man City. It's gonna so so difficult for The Kop to play catch-up now, we are lagging the Toffees by 4 points again.

Everton celebrates as they beat Crystal Palace 4-0

IF you haven't heard, Everton beat Crystal Palace 4 - 0 on Sunday; definitely not the result Pool want to hear.

I don't know if I can take more bad news, if we get beaten by Juve at Turin this week.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Not Again, Unexpected

So, you heard the news. Nikko Smith was voted of AI for the second time.
Well, he was the replacement for Mario Vasquez (he withdrew from AI). Nikko was originally voted off during the Top 24 rounds.

But I must say that he was the comeback kid that made good. He impressed & gave his best every week & it's the R&B flavour that he adds to the songs that make him unique & sets him apart from the other 5 guys. But, it certainly wasn't his time to go yet. He didn't sound particularly good this week, but Scott was worse; definitely.

Well, AI4 seems to have lost it's appeal to me though. I don't rush home to catch it on Channel 5, like i used to. Well, i guess it's just that it's already into its 4th instalment & the initial appeal & excitement has wore off, just like Mark Burnett's Survivor; which used to be one of my favourite reality tv shows.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Brothers Out !

Brian & Greg outta TAR

Hmm, what can i say? The brothers were cute & definitely a threat to any team, they are both fit & competitive. However, they never recovered from the last place finish the week before & were the sixth team outta The Amazing Race.

It's getting kinda sickto see Rob/Amber finishing first AGAIN, just how many Travelocity trips have they won? I think the Survivor sweethearts would win this, so predictable.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We WON, We WON !!

Liverpool 2 - 1 Juventus

The teams before kickoff

We won the first-leg, but i'm worried of the second-leg at Turin next week.

Though Juve lost this at Anfield, they were the better side during the second period. They should have a goal by Del Piero allowed, but was ruled offside (thank god, the match might have proceeded differently if it was allowed). It's gonna be different at Turin, Italy next week. Juve would have the home crowd cheering for them & urging the Serie A giants to shut Pool out & all they need is 1 freaking goal in the net.

I'll hate to see Liverpool lose this, if they can make it through to the semi-final; that would be such an achievement by Rafael Benitez & the team this season. They made it this far with a depleted squad of injured key players (Alonso, Cisse, Mellor, Kirkland, Dudek, Kewell...etc).

In the meantime, I woke up this morning (in fact, not much sleep) & will go to bed tonight a very happy and jubilant Liverpool fan. Who can blame me...?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Vital Vital Match


juve, training juve, training juve, training

Just a few hours away from one of the most vital match for The Kop. With a depleted squad & facing an almost fully fit Juventus side, it's hard not to feel demoralised.

We are going to do without many first-team players due to injuries, both Morientes & Pellegrino are cup-tied. Dudek is doubtful & Carson might be thrown into his biggest match yet in his professional career.

I really can't wait to watch the match, i should get some sleep now & wake up to catch the match.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Everton BLEW it

The Kop is seeing a ray of hope, we might still stand a chance to qualify for the Champions League next season.

We are only 1 freaking point away from The Toffees, they lost to West Brom on Sunday. The win by WBA was a gift to Liverpool.

We are hosting Juventus this Wednesday morning (S'pore time) at Anfield. Hopefully, Liverpool can pull off another magnificent win & finishes the season with a fairy-tale ending; though Gerrard would definitely be going elsewhere....

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Only 1 point away from Everton

Biscan the most unlikely scorer

It's definitely determination & lotsa luck to be able to pull off a win against Bolton. Biscan scored the ONLY goal that moved The Kop to within 1 point from Everton, in the 85th min from a spot-on cross by Traore.

It's was a nail-biting (at least for me, literally) match. Bolton was really threatening during set pieces & seeing Finnan having to clear the ball thrice off the line ain't a comforting sight. Rafael Benitez knew he had to win this, he was playing 3 strikers during the 2nd period (Morientes, Garcia & Smicer); there were gapping holes at the back of Pool's defense & Bolton knew how to exploit that. Luckily, the defense stood their ground & Traore was impressive in the absence of Hyppia.

Ok, we have tough tough week ahead. Having to play Juventus on 05th & 13th Apr 05 is no joke. We are going to be without so many key players, I hope we get a decent win against Juv at Anfield & possibly make the trip to Stadio Delle Alpi easier; not forgetting the Heysel Stadium disaster that may or may not have an impact on the game.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Jessica DID do Better than Anwar this week

Jessica Sierra was Better

I liked Anwar, but i thought he sux big time on Idol this week. Jessica was way better than him this week, but she got voted off.

Well, I guess Anwar's past performances helped him this week. Hope he steps it up next week & give a performance worthy of keeping him in the group further.

Ray & Deana Eliminated

Ray & Deana got Eliminated after winning 2 Toyota Rav 4

I'm happy for Ray & Deana. Well, they did walk away from the Race after winning something & that something was HUGE! They each won themselves a Toyota Rav 4 after coming in first at the Pit Stop having beaten Rob/Amber at the Fast Forward.

But bickering & desperation caused them to lose the lead they had built earlier. They finished last & became the 5th team to be eliminated on TAR 7.

Gretchen's Ghastly Injury, saved by non-elimination

If you didn't watch this week's 2-hour special, you would have thought the pic on the left came off a war zone. Gretchen suffered a ghastly fall when rapelling through the dark caves at a detour. She got her wound stitched & carried on with the race, but only managed a last place finish.

However, they were relieved to learn that it's the first of 3 non-elimination legs on the Race. Gretchen/Meredith were granted a reprieve & kept them in the Race.

Brian & Gregg Caught up in a car accident

The most amazing things happen on The Amazing Race.

Brian's humvee skidded off the rough terrain & in the process flipped & turned before it came to a halt. The brothers escaped unhurt, but the safety officer/guide in the humvee wasn't so lucky.

Brian was visibly traumatised by the crash & amazingly managed to complete the detour with brother, Gregg. They went on to win a foot race against Ray/Deana to avoid elimination.

Without a doubt, the Race is getting more exciting & tension/animosity towards Rob & Amber is intensifying. It would really be so sick to see them win the Race & walk away with another million-dollar prize.