Sunday, January 30, 2005



I know LOTR is kinda like history now. But, I just finished watching the 3 DVDs during the last weekend. I know i have watched it once when it was screened at the cinemas, but watching it the second time was still awesome. You don't get that "adrenaline rushing" experience with that many movies now.

I adore Aragon (played by Viggo Mortensen) and Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom), they played their characters so vividly that totally memerised me. There were tons of other good performances by the supporting actors/actresses as well. Not forgetting Elijah Wood (Frodo), Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Sean Astin (Sam), Liv Tyler (Arwen) & many others.

Oh yes, who can forget Gollum.....

Peter Jackson is such an incredible director that I can't even begin to mention his greatness. I wished there were more of such great shows from the amazing Peter Jackson, but i guess exceptionally great movies are worth the wait & we would have to wait much much longer for another show like LOTR to come along.

Hail the cast/crew of LOTR......!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lori & Bolo Eliminated

Married Wrestlers Eliminated

It was such a pity, married wrestlers Lori & Bolo got eliminated from the Race due to a silly error; which caused them valuable time.

You can't help but feel sorry for them, they were leading the Race throughout this leg; till they forgot to read the additional information that requires them to bring the admission tickets to the Lion's Rock. Having not read the additional info, Lori trekked to the vantage point w/o the tickets. She had to make her way to the foot of Lion's Rock to retrieve the tickets from Bolo, then make her way up again. The additional trip cost Lori/Bolo a closer shot in the Final 3 for the million dollar prize.

Now, the 4 couples left in the Race are all very competitive.

I see Kendra being the weakest link amongst the ladies & might cause both herself & Freddy to be eliminated from the Race.

Though both Kris/Jon & Aaron/Hayden are strong teams, i still prefer Kris/Jon to win this. Hopefully Hayden's whining & bossiness would cause her team's demise.

Although Rebecca is one tough cookie, i think & hope Adam would slow Rebecca down; and allow Kris & Jon to win this Race! Hahaha.....that would be the ideal finish.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


I don't know about you, but I visit rather frequently.
If you don't know her, where have you been?

She's the celebrity blogger of Singapore, featured on CNA/radio because of her blog. She was interviewed by the gorgeous/talented Diana Ser!

She's young & rather outspoken, she doesn't care about fellow bloggers whom are obviously revolted by her blog & remarks. Well, i admired her courage & her bold thoughts. But felt that she is sometimes very individualistic & tend to be oblivious to the feelings of other fellow bloggers.

But i must admit that her blog has a "mystery attraction" that makes you want to go back & re-visit, to check out her new blog entries. I'm not sure why, probably because of the pics she posts up there or it's the interesting bunch of friends she keep.
Ok, i know i'm kinda hopeless (i know who are her friends & even visited their blogs; Wanyi - is a pretty girl & Eileen Tan - is one hot-looking gal).

Hah, i'm so hopeless. Go check them out, it's kinda refreshing to read about what the younger are writing about & their train of thoughts. Warning, you can get addicted & go on to read all the bloody archives....hah!

p/s : Xiaxue is interesting, but i'm not a die-hard fan. She does put me off sometimes....

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Jonathan & Victoria Eliminated from TAR


Finally, married entrepreneurs Jonathan/Victoria are eliminated from the Race.

I don't like the "Jonathan" protrayed by the producers of the show. However, if you had the time to go to to take a look at the Insider videos. it seems like Jonathan is actually a rather nice person.

He loves kids, he's not abusive as the show made him out to be. It's all media portrayal, all shows must have a "bad" guy. Jonathan happened to be that guy on this season of The Amazing Race. Through the videos of their parting words, you realised that they really loved each other & Jonathan too takes responsibility towards their elimination.

Alas, 2 more weeks to the finale.

May Kris & Jon win this!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Theme Park - we didn't play...too bz gambling

Food covered by Raymond's hairy hand....

Me waiting for food

Princess Agnes & Sleeping Beauty Tabbi

Prince David, Yandao as usual

Hotel Theme Park

View fm our hotel room's window

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Saved from Elimination

Non-Elimination saves Hayden & Aaron Posted by Hello

Ok, the second of 3 non-elimination legs saved Hayden & Aaron from a premature elimination from TAR 6.

Both Aaron & Hayden are very competitive & often squabble over the smallest matters. You can see that Aaron is trying to tolerate Hayden for the sake of the Race & for their survival in the Race. The alliance they have with Freddy/Kendra irks me sometimes, when they are obviously not trusting each other.

Anyway, they are going to pull through the next leg without any cash; I'm sure of that. If Don & MJ can manage that while in Senegal, no reason Aaron/Hayden can't pull it off.

Nearing the finishing line very soon, any minor mistake by any of these teams would result in an elimination. I still hope Kris & Jon prevails.....they ROCK !

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Unlucky Gus & Hera Eliminated

Father & Daughter Eliminated Posted by Hello

It happens, doesn't it?

Just when you thought there's no way Lori/Bolo are going to catch up after lagging behind the other 6 teams with a massive deficit; they fought hard & got back to first place.

Lori/Bolo were very very lucky that the museum only opened its door at 10am the next day. If not, i'm damn sure that they would be the last team to check into the Pit Stop & be eliminated this week.

It was just plain bad luck that Hera got hit by the gate & had to reach the Route Marker last. From then on, it was game over for Gus & Hera. Well, i was pretty alarmed by Freddy's reaction to the bump on his head by the gate outside the museum. Did he have to make such a big fuss? I thought Hera received a worse hit than him. But, then again; i guess he was damn pissed that he lost the lead.

Why does it not surprise me anymore? Jonathan breathing down Vic's neck & even made such a MCP remark - "That's why women don't rule the world". What the heck!? Rebecca was a trooper with that spicy soup....she was literally gulping it down without even tasting it.

Nonetheless, I still hope Kris & Jon win this. They are the only couple i see that is truly enjoying the race & shows respect for each other.