Sunday, September 26, 2004

Welcome to the "Mrs" Club

Wedding Rings Posted by Hello

Unbelievable, i'm now Mrs Chua.

Mr Chua & myself solemnized our marriage last Tuesday, on 21st September 2004. He was so nervous that he muttered "I DO" at least 3 times while the solemnizer was still reciting the marriage vows, hah!

Anyway, it's like a relief to the both of us. It was something we have been talking about since late last year. But i have always thought i wasn't ready for marriage. I'm too wilful & not caring enough, he's always the one giving in to me & all.

But I felt like i'm beginning to listen to him more & I can really put myself in others' position to understand the situation better. I have matured & have become more sensible. I just hope that our marriage will last, I'm sure it will if we both put our hearts to it & manage it with our utmost effort.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

TAR - Winners

Alas ~ Posted by Hello

The Race has finally ended. Married couple Chip & Kim emerged victorious, beating the other 2 teams; Colin/Christie & Brandon/Nicole.

The edge they had being on an earlier flight pushed them ahead of the rest. The little extra time they had over Colin/Christie was enough to clinch them the million bucks, even when Colin/Christie had a crazy driver that drove on the road shoulder to skip the heavy traffic.

All in all, it was a fair finish. Not that i had wished to see them win, I was rooting for Brandon & Nicki. Anyway, Chip/Kim won the title as winners of Amazing Race 5; with a big stroke of luck.

Monday, September 20, 2004

What Drink Are You ?

Congratulations! You're a fuzzy navel!!

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Singapore Idol - Kelong?

SG Idol - Top 12 Posted by Hello

Finally, top 12 of the Singapore Idol are revealed. Certainly some surprises (read : Jerry Ong) & some predictables (read : Jeassea/Olinda). The Wildcard show sprung a surprise, i thought they would only be picking 2 from the show. One by the judges, another by the voters. In the end, the judges picked Beverly as well. Citing the lame reason that it would be an injustice to miss such a great talent in the show, what crap.

If she was a great talent, the voters would have voted her in much much earlier; in the 3rd piano show. However, i was really glad that Maia made it to the Top 12. She was one of my favourites. She can really sing & very versatile...go Maia babe!

I just feel sorry for Andy Josh, i thought he was cool too. He had a good voice & the looks too. Too bad, sorry for the dude.

Ok, since we already have the Top 12; here's my modest views of them.

1) Beverly - though she can sing rather well, i don't think the majority of the voters would like her as she's too likeable by the judges. That could be her downfall, the supporters of the other 11 would probably feel some hatred towards her.

2) Candice - she was really a surprise. I don't remember her from the auditions too. The only problem, she's just sweet & not recognisable/unforgettable enough. Plain Jane.

3) Taufik - honestly, i don't like him. He just sounded ok.

4) Jerry - hmm, i don't know where to put my finger on this. He does has a unique voice, i actually liked/enjoyed his song more the 2nd time he sang it; after they announced that he's in Top 12.

5) Olinda - oh my, she's cool & nice voice. Just worrying that she might not be able to carry the sentimental songs, if need be.

6) Daphne - baby of the group, she sounded like a baby too; with that nasal tone of hers.

7) Jeassea - she's cool, but she might just have been too hyped up by Dick Lee.

8) David - cute dude, good comedian with a rather nice voice.

9) Sylvester - hah, he was a surprise for me too. I thought either Nana or Beverly would go through by the voters' choice. Let's just see how far can he go with his mellow "ROCK" style.

10) Maia - single mum, great voice & versatility; need i say more? I'm liking her already.

11) Christopher - cute guy, don't know about the voice; kinda shaky.

12) Leandra - i liked her during the auditions when she sang that jazz number, she should have sticked to jazz.

Here you have it, my modest opinions. Enjoy the show in the next 3 months to come!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

So close to Elimination

Damn, why non-elimination...~ Posted by Hello

Darn it...! I was so hopeful that Colin & Christie would get eliminated last night on TAR. It was so maddening to see them arriving at the Pit Stop in last place, but told by Phil that this is the last of the 4 non-elimination legs, and they are still in the Race. ARGGGGHHHHH !!

Seeing Chip & Kim "Yield" them was great. They finally got the taste of being last of the pack & stripped of all their cash & would start the next leg of the Race penniless. I wish they would never recover from the last place finish & get eliminated next week. Hah !

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Nearing the End

Non-Elimination to Elimination Posted by Hello

The twins got eliminated this week on TAR. It's almost nearing the end of the gruelling race & it must be really heartbreaking to get eliminated at this stage.

Kami & Karli went through a non-elimination leg just 2 weeks ago & managed to pull through using the "womanly gifts" they have; great thinking.

However, now that they are gone; only 4 teams remain. It would definitely be a elimination leg next week, only 1 more team would be eliminated next & the remaining 3 teams would race to the finish. How exciting!

Wednesday better come quickly....

Friday, September 10, 2004

Punctured Tyre + Car Wash

Lan-Cer Car Wash Posted by Hello

Phew, what a day! Chrissy's Lan-cer tyre punctured when we went to the carpark to collect the vehicle after our ktv session. Chrissy changed the tyre herself, I was impressed.

The pic was taken when we were at Kovan's Shell station for a car wash.

Jen's B'Day

Piggy_Jen Posted by Hello

Hey, that's not what you think you saw.

It's just Jennifer under the "piggy blanket" we got her for her 26th b'day.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Baby Ryston

Baby Ryston Posted by Hello

See, another photo of my nephew. Isn't he getting cuter?

Phew....Luckily it's Non-Elimination

Almooooooooooost ~ Posted by Hello

Geez....Brandon & Nicky almost got eliminated this week on TAR.

They went for the Fast Foward, unaware that they had to shave their heads bald to be able to obtain the right to proceed straight to the Pit Stop. Alas, they finished last but were really glad that this is the 3rd non-elimination leg of the Race.

I was really happy for them, I was really rooting for them to win the Race. Let's hope some other teams run into worse luck than them next week. However, starting the next leg of the Race in India is gonna be a BIG BIG challenge for them. Hopefully, they pull through & come out as winners.