Sunday, November 28, 2004

Are we in for a Treat or What?

Showdown....?!? Posted by Hello

Alas, the final 2 emerged.
Are they worthy, some may ask.

Well, we voted & here are our results. I kinda prefer Taufik to Sly.

However, i revisited the Starhub Idol site to listen to the performances of both at the Piano Shows. Though Sly does really sux during the Piano Show, he showed great improvement at the Wildcard Show (thanks to Ken Lim's advice, maybe) . I watched Taufik's performance at the Piano Show, he has a great voice, but i loathed the way he rebuked Ken's comments.

Well, Taufik has shown tremendous improvements since the Piano Show. He has shown that he can really sing, coupled with those grooves & moves; not forgetting that he had humbled alot. He almost outshined the rest for all of the genres. On the other hand, Sly's standard of performance nosedived from Disco Night, he has been going from bad to worse since the early weeks of the Spectaculars.

BUT, he has his crowd of die-hard teenage girl fans who has the $$ to spend; voting for him. Hence, he's in the Final at Olinda's expense.

I have said my piece, i hope Taufik wins & may the Taufik supporters come round & outdo the crazy Sly's fans, who has the incredible spending power.

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