Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's Just Senseless

I just don't get how one thing can lead to another & so much bad feelings can surface just by a simple comment, read this...

No no no, i'm not on anyone's side. But It's just kinda surprising to see countless people standing up for XX against her pool of critics. Well, i mean; how well do these people know XX personally? Like having chatted with her, been out with her for a dinner/movie. All we know about her is that she's a star blogger whom has just scored an endorsement deal with Localbrand & is negotiating another deal with a camera company (read the damn tabloid, TNP). It's great for her, being able to earn a decent living by blogging & even achieve celebrity status instantly. It's just unbelievable.

Yeah, who doesn't get jealous over such success acheived by a blogger; especially when you are one too?

You may like XX or even admire her, but that doesn't warrant or grant you the right to "slam" the people whom doesn't support her views & see things differently from her. Why resort to name-calling & start behaving like primary school children -- when your friend pushes you & you must definitely push him back TWICE as hard?

Why, i just don't see the purpose of "revenge"? What do you gain? Does name-calling make you a better person? By slamming the person whom had dissed XX, do you feel like you have done justice for XX? Who's to see that & why go through the trouble?

I admit that i have been to & even left comments, but it was all done in the name of fun, no harm done. I didn't call XX a bitch, a liar, idiot, ugly witch, disgusting. Likewise, i don't think anyone should be hurling abuses at Shelly either.

It's just so senseless, what do you get? Satisfaction, Accomplishment...???

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