Thursday, March 10, 2005

Megan & Heidi Eliminated from TAR 7

Megan & Heidi lost by seconds

Blondies Megan & Heidi lost by seconds on a foot-race to the Pit-Stop to brother, Brian & Greg.

Rob & Amber cruised to a 1st place finish during this leg of the race. They were in a conspiracy with Ron/Kelly & Ray/Deana. They pooled their $ together to bribe the bus driver to ONLY open the door in front to alight them from the bus first & managed to gain a slight advantage over the other 7 teams.

I don't know about you, but i never imagine TAR to be this "dirty". Probably, with the inclusion of Rob/Amber this season; they added the Survivor factor into the race. They plotted, allied & withheld information from the other teams. Well, you may say that it's a race & all of them wanna win the million dollars at the end. But, such tactics & tricks are a first in TAR.

Anyway, keep watching & be prepared for more surprises. Per the preview trailer, Rob/Amber continues to "play dirty" & stole Debbie/Bianca's cab next week. It makes it exciting, but the sportsmanship element is lost, that's how i feel.

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