Friday, March 04, 2005

The Amazing Race 7

So, the show did start with a bang. With the 11 teams heading for Lima, Peru. Early alliance formed between Debbie/Bianca & Susan/Patrick. They ended up being the first 2 teams this week.

The celebrity team, Survivor sweethearts; Rob/Amber ran an amazing race, as Phil put it. They were the last to leave for the airport for the flight to Lima. Ironically, Rob had problem popping the car's truck. It was hilarious. Luckily for them, they managed to get a fellow American in Lima to guide them along the way & stayed among the top 3. They were easy hate targets of the other 10 teams; citing the reason that they had already won a million on Survivor; they would be disgusted to see them win another on TAR. Then beat them in their game & stop BITCHING about it!

Some teams got to a lousy start, like Uchenna/Joyce & Megan/Heidi. They made mistakes earlier in the game & were lucky to stay in the Race. But, I'm sure they would bounce back & show the rest the better side of them.

The old couple, Meredith/Gretchen surprised me with a sixth place finish amongst the 11 teams. Not that the old are weak, but they are generally slower & fare worse in terms of physical tasks. Kudos to the couple!

Of course there would be teams in romantic relationships. There's Ron/Kelly, the former beauty queen & POW of the US-led Iraq war. Amazing courage of Ron to survive through the hardships during his capture. Then, there's Ray/Deana. They are said to be dating on & off, what's that supposed to mean? It's either ON or OFF, i don't about you, but i hate indecisive people.

Ok, no eye candy this season; like Derek/Drew from the earlier season. But I thought Brian looked pretty cool. Ok ok, it's only the first impression; maybe i'll grow to hate him later in the Race. Also, there's Lynn/Alex; the gay couple. There are cute & funny. I thought they would suffer a penalty for not taking the ricksaw to the beach, apparently not.

Alas, it was Chuck/Ryan eliminated first from the Race. They lost out on a foot-race against Ron/Kelly. Sad to see them go, they looked real tough & would definitely give the other teams a run for their $$.

Okay, my rundown of the 11 teams. May Wednesday come sooner, can't wait.

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