Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another 4 Voted off American Idol 4

Another 4 Idol hopefuls sent home

Aloha, David, Celena & Joseph were the 4 idol hopefuls voted off by America last week. Down to the final 16 hopefuls, America will vote off another 4 next week & you have your Final 12.

I thought Aloha, David, Celena & Joseph all did way better than Travis & Janay. I still don't get why Janay & Travis are still in the competition. Aloha may have picked the wrong song, but she oozes style & has lotsa potential, she's possibly another Jennifer Hudson (from AI3). Celena & David were kinda boring & i agree with the judges, they haven't be able to spring any surprises & make an impression. As for Joe, i guess his earlier performance pulled him down. He did okay this week, but his competitiors are too strong; except Travis.

If i can bring someone back to the Final 12, it would be Aloha. But, it's not gonna happen. No Wildcard Show this season.

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